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Is the partner causing emotional distress? How to understand and what to do?

partner causing emotional distress

Being in a relationship, no matter how you spend it, means working on it all the time. When together, you have to consider your partner in almost everything. Otherwise, it will be difficult to continue the relationship, if you go alone. Since you are living together, there may be differences of opinion on various issues. This is very common. But when it goes too far, problems start to arise. There are also times when, even if there is no disagreement, you feel like your partner is deliberately trying to annoy you. Why does this happen? Let's find out. In a healthy relationship, your partner always supports you, gives you the courage to overcome your fears, and gives you the courage to walk through life. In general, you will feel that your partner is by your side, so you are not afraid of yourself. Say something even if you don't like it.

How to understand the cause of emotional distress?

Your partner's point of view or opinion on a matter is important. However, the partner may suffer whenever his opposing viewpoint is presented. So if you don't like it or have a different opinion, you have to explain it in a soft tone. But if you contradict him out of anger or irritation, he will think you are pressuring him.

Of course, we should not forget that our mood is also bad sometimes. Therefore, you should not always contradict your partner's words. This behavior then becomes toxic. If your partner constantly talks down to you, starts blaming you for everything, or creates more problems, report these behaviors immediately. Try to solve it.

There are some people, even if they are angry, who will not understand you. But it will be revealed in words or actions. This means that even though the partner has a neutral expression on his face, he has something else on his mind. During such attacks, their behavior is cold, silent, sarcastic, etc. Then even if the partner is silent, there will be stress in you.

What to do in such a situation?

1. You can openly discuss why your partner is resisting your words. Because your partner may not understand why he is behaving this way. Such misbehavior may not hurt you, but it can damage the relationship. Making a sudden comment, and not responding to words can really cause a rift in a relationship. So speak directly and calmly whenever you see something like that. But remember that people who are unhappy about something tend to use it more. So try to find that reason. Don't watch silently.

2. If you see things going wrong, getting angry or starting a fight then stop there. Take expert help in these cases.

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